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Ethereum - An ideal mixture of Speed and Security

As much as Bitcoin has acquired astonishing development in the course of recent months, it's been taken behind by other prominent digital currencies too, called alt-coins. A standout amongst those with a fascinating potential, is Ethereum.

Ethereum is known for its outstanding blockchain which is because of its decentralized platform and it’s smart contracts. This makes Ethereum free from any frauds and censorship. Moreover it even makes exchanges easy and quick.

The Ethereum network is fuelled by a currency called “Ether”. It is an Ethereum’s inbuilt currency which is used to pay for smart contracts.

The above authoritative highlights integrated with Ethereum's innovation is a major reason behind why such a large number of enormous organizations are investing into the Ethereum blockchain innovation.

Ethereum holds the highest market cap in the cryptocurrency world after Bitcoin so it’s no surprise that it has been attracted by rush of attention from investors.

With this expanded demand comes the requirement for a safe place to store ether.

Where to store Ether?

For Larger measure of cryptographic money, it is encouraged to store them in the most secure wallet named Ledger Nano S, while for smallers ones another new advancement has arrived know as Ether Card.

What is Ledger Nano S?

The Ledger Nano S accompanies both the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic applications.The Ledger Nano S utilizes a PIN and a physical catch to affirm exchanges, which implies that this wallet is very secure against malware.


Ether can be stored offline and each time you require to spend ether, Ledger S signs it using a private key.This wallet is constructed with an inbuilt screen which makes users to check and manage the transactions easily

It helps Ethereum out of the field, without the want for custom software or 3-party plugins. Ledger Nano S comes with a robust security that secures users non-public records, and the safety is so sturdy that Nano S tool may be used even on a hacked laptop.

Where to buy Ledger Nano S and How much does it costs?

You can easily purchase it on our etherbit store which is currently on discount for 11,999/- and will be back to its original price to 12,999/- as the deal closes.

What is an Ether card?

Ether cards are an endeavor to make the second prominent digitally framed Ethereum physical. That is the reason they are known as "Physical Ether".

It is basically a bit of plastic, much like a general credit/debit card which one can carry and store easily. Additionally, every single Ether card has its own exclusive address which is used to trade Ether.

What are the advantages of an Ether Card?

  • Basic and helpful approach to send and receive Ether.
  • Easy access and manage your account funds.
  • Ether Cards are easy to load or trade Tokens
  • New form of currency gifting to adored one’s on festive occasions.
  • Best for amateurs in crypto world.
  • Can store tokens and other assets till longer period of time.
  • Simple to convey in your pockets.
  • The most grounded approach to present the energy of ethereum blockchain to everybody.

How Ether Card works ?

Ether card has been incorporated with a private key at the back side covered up under a scratch-off board.

All purchasers need to so is to add assets to the cards as they don't come preloaded. The buyer must load their card with Ether or tokens with a favored wallet application, to offer them to their beneficiary.

And when the beneficiary wishes to recover their Ether card, they basically scratch off the backboard and utilize their own particular wallet application to move the assets from the card to their record.

Where to get an Ether Card from and How much does it costs ?

On the off chance that you are willing to get one for yourself and cherished one's than it is accessible on Etherbit for only 399 INR, which is on markdown as of now and will soon return to 499/ - as the deal closes.

Indeed, Ether Cards have unquestionably added a positive impressions to the beginners in the field of digital money and also a handy solution device to the Ethereum owners who wish to have quick transfer of assets within fraction of seconds.