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5 Cryptocurrencies you should know about other than Bitcoin

The history of currency has been quite simple. The barter system was followed by invention of coins, later paper money coming into existence; after that the world saw computerized digital money.

The latest trends have changed, and another form of currency has come up into existence, I'm talking about none other than crypto-currency. Crypto-currency is a completely web owned, and independent currency, that is in no way associated with the Government.

As soon as we hear the word crypto the main word which hits our mind is bitcoin,isn't it? Why wouldn't it, it is known as the king of crypto world and has picked up notoriety all around the globe.

Bitcoin is the trending cryptocurrency, but there are few more other ones who have managed to garner a name of their own.

So in this article we are going to dig about those digital currencies!


Litecoin :

If Bitcoin is the gold of cryptocurrencies you can call Litecoin Silver of crypto world, as it was inspired by Bitcoin and is quite similar to it. Litecoin even became the first of top 5 cryptocurrencies to adopt segregated witness. The Litecoin Network aims to process a block every 2.5 minutes, which makes Litcoin to have faster transaction confirmation.


Unlike other cryptocurrencies which compete with bitcoin, Ethereum complements it. Yet bitcoin blockchain network tracks ownership of its own currency, while Ethereum blockchain runs user programs called contracts. People specially use Ethereum to create custom trustworthy crowdfunding platforms for online organizations as well as for their own personal motive.


Though cryptocurrencies are not for banks, but this is not the case with ripple. Instead Ripple is specifically meant for banks, it allows to make payments faster on low cost at every corner of the globe. It makes the transaction between two different countries easier and quicker, additionally even updates the ledger within fraction of seconds. It basically simplifies the transactions around the world.


Despite the fact that Dash can be utilized for exchanges between purchasers, it was uniquely made for shopping. Consider Dash a substitution for PayPal. Numerous Online merchants acknowledge Dash similarly as they do USD, however the exchange is speedier - you don't need to hold up a day or two to see the installment charge to your record.


Zcash is well-known for its confidentiality, it is basically for them who wish to keep their information private.Your every single information will be perfectly protected even if you use public blockchain for your transaction, as it is end to end encrypted.

Indeed, Bitcoin rules the lead among the catalog of crptocurrencies. But the above listed one's can be choosen according to the user need and requirements as even they are booming the digital world.